Holi- A Festival of Colours


Madness. Fun. Colours. Love.
This is what Holi is all about.
Holi is the festival of colours celebrated all over India and is well-known around the world for its beautiful stories and cultural implications.
Holi is about boundless love, equality, unity and selfless, universal friendships.
People smear each other with colours, share sweet treats and get intoxicated in the fun and tainted water and yes, things get a hell lot of messy!

It has being celebrated since thousands of years and there are many reasons and stories that go with it. It is an ancient festival which signifies a victory of good over the evil.
The Indian Mythology talks about the evil king ‘Hiranyakashyapu’ who was arrogant and a self-acclaimed god of his realm and killed everyone who would pray to other gods instead of him. When his own son ‘Prahalad’ refused to worship him, the evil king plotted to kill him as well by asking his sister ‘Holika’, who had a boon of being fire-proof to take Prahalad in her lap and enter a great fire. Lord Vishnu saved his good and true devotee as Prahalad came from the fire unburnt whereas the fire-proof Holika turned into ash.

The celebrations of Holi became associated with powdered colours after the belief that ‘Krishna’, the reincarnation of the god, used to play Holi with colours with his friends and hence popularising it.

One of the most beautiful festivals of India, Holi is well known and popular and an experience worth having even if it’s not a part of one’s culture.

I played Holi with organic gulaal amidst the loud music and danced my way through it with some people that I love a lot.
I wish you all a wonderful day and a very very happy Holi xx.


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