Meeting your idols-my personal experience

Being a big fan of poetry and storytelling, when I found the art of telling stories through the medium of poetry, I was head over heels in love with it, with the art of spoken word poetry.
The next step was choosing my idol and in the process, I found not just an idol but an inspiration.
Sarah and Phil are the poets that I could claim in my heart to be geniuses of words and two unique souls so beautifully refined.
Sarah Kay and her best friend, Phil Kaye are two of those poets who taught me a great deal about poetry, writing, love and friendship.
They are the ones who inspired me to write my own poems, it has been a beautiful journey.
So when I found out about “Campus Diaries #LouderThanWords sponsored by TWISS, a tour featuring both of them IN MY VERY OWN CITY, I almost cried out happy tears.

This is what happened when I got to meet my idols.
I begged my mom to accompany me, dropped the idea of joining my friends to this super fun trip to the mountains and booked two passes to the event.
Even though I couldn’t get the fan passes which meant no photo with them, all I wanted was to see them and hear the stories they had to share.
Whosoever says that one should never see their idols speaks nothing but Bullshit!
The lovely Sarah in her lovely gown and the charming Phil amazed me without any doubt!
They performed their beautiful pieces of poetry which I knew word by word, line by line. They shared some stories, made us laugh as well and it was all surreal to just listening to them. It was an inspiring and insightful affair. I loved how much well-grounded and human they are. At some point of that evening, I was trying so bad to hold back my tears just so my vision would not get all blurry.

What I learnt from that awe-inspiring night was that if there is some person that adds such meaning to your life, then just go and meet them! See how much human they are, see how much inspiring their aura could be. Do not waste time taking photos or videos or updating snap stories, just live that moment and let it swallow you like the ocean swallows little sea shells sometimes. It’s going to be magical!

Here is a link to my poem that I wrote after Sarah’s poem. It’s very close to my heart and has a lot of meaning in my life-



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