Skater dresses and sunscreens- Summer is coming!

It’s still February, the sun is shining bright and the summers are just around the corner (at least here in New Delhi, what about your lovely city?).
As lovely and poetic as summers look like when I write poems about it (I have a poetry blog, did you know? I’ll add the link in the end) but summers, for me has always been about cute dresses and a lot of sun protection since I never liked to stay away from the sun.

Now, to satisfy my cravings for cute dresses I got this beauty from



A vibrant, cute skater sundress is all one need to wear in summers.

It is a waist-cut out dress and has a lovely appeal to it.
Perfect for a picnic day or just for a warm walk in the park.
the best part? Got it in 60% off deal from and it was so inexpensive!
I’m absolutely loving the colours and the casual chic look to it.


As for the sunscreen, I’m currently using BioCare Sport Sunscreen SPF 80, which is a lot of SPF, but my skin is very sensitive and it was advised by a skin specialist. The cream is oil-free and non-greasy, retains moisture and is very light and the fragrance is delightful so I’d definitely recommend this product in lower SPF if needed for a daily use, or in 80 SPF if one has a sensitive skin type just like me. 16934323_785593261607701_1148702817_n
What sunscreen do you use and would you recommend it to this freckled brown girl?
Do you like skater dresses? Do tell me about your favourites in the comments.
Check out my poetry blog if you are in mood for some love-

Have a nice day, lovely folks! xx



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