Review: Khadi Jasmine Moisturizer- lovely and soothing.

Always been intrigued by Khadi and its quality, I decided to pick out this moisturizer in all hopes of smelling like jasmines. 2017-02-16-12-20-49-371
Khadi Pure Gramodyog manufactures products made up of natural and herbal ingredients at inexpensive qualities.
Khadi Pure Herbal Jasmine Moisturizer is true to its quality as well as towards its promise of the name.

My experience-
I started using the lotion in winters and I’m still loving it in the change of the season. The presence of Jasmine oil proved very beneficial for my skin type that is generally dry, especially in winters. The flowery fragrance of Jasmine calms your senses and lifts your mood up. The scent is strong but not cloying and stays for a day long after the shower.
The texture of the lotion is runny and easily absorbed into the skin and gives ample moisture toning down the dryness but not leaving the skin oily either.

-Exotic fragrance of Jasmine.
-Keeps the skin well moisturised.
-Budget friendly price. ie. 125 INR
-Works well for face as well as body.

Verdict- Khadi Pure herbal Jasmine Moisturizer is a delightful lotion of excellent quality and inexpensive prices. 2017-02-16-12-21-48-465


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