Romantic twisted bun- Hairstyle for Valentine’s day

Valentines week is here and the 14th of Feb is just a day away.
What perfect timing would it be to rock this romantic bun and woo your beloved on your special date!
This hairstyle not only looks extremely classy and elegant but it’s also very easy to create.

What you need?

– Bobby pins
– hair elastic
– Hair accessory/ bow (Optional!)

What do you need to do?

– Comb/brush your hair parting them from the left side of your face.
-Take a section of hair on your left, right next to your hairline and begin twisting it away from the face.
– Pick a section of new hair and add them to your twist and keep adding new hair to the twist as you move to the back of your head.
– Once all the hair from that side is twisted, go ahead and secure it with an elastic.
– Repeat the exact same thing on the other side!
-As you get two twisted pigtails on the back of your head, take out the elastics and join both twists in one ponytail.
-Rope braid the ponytail by parting it into two sections and twist them into each other. Try to keep it loose.
– As you finish rope-braiding your ponytail, wrap it into a loose bun and secure it with bobby pins.
-Use hair accessories like a bow clip or fancy pins to make the hairstyle look even more chic and pretty.

I think this hairstyle is very cute and perfect for a romantic valentine date.
This is my first blog post and I have a lot in store yet to be shared with you all.
I wish for all you lovely folks to have a great week ahead full of love and happiness


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